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School Admissions

Thank you for choosing Julian's. We are a five-form entry school across two sites - Streatham and West Norwood. The school admits 60 children to the West Norwood site and 90 children to the Streatham site per year level.


Children will be admitted to the school in the year of their fifth birthday. The children will enter the Reception class full-time in September. If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below. 

School Admissions

All parents/carers applying for a place should complete a Common Application Form (CAF), which can be obtained by contacting Lambeth’s Admissions Team on 020 7926 9503 and requesting a “Starting School in Lambeth” booklet. The CAF must be received at Lambeth Education Authority by the deadline stated on the Lambeth website. Parents/carers will be informed by the Local Authority in the April of the year that they start school in September if the application has been successful. As Julian’s is a Foundation School, a Supplementary Application Form (also available from the school offices) will also need to be completed and returned to the school at

If your child is already at Primary School, you must complete an In-Year Transfer Form with their current school. The school then ranks the list as follows, i.e.


  1. Looked after children: applicants who are in the care of a Local Authority or provided with Local Authority accommodation by that authority (according to the Children Act 1989) and for whom the school can best meet their needs.
  2. Siblings: applicants with another child from the same family already at the school. “Sibling” is defined as a full, half or step brother or sister living at the same home address. It also includes an adopted or fostered child living at the same home address and dependent on the same primary carer. In all cases the sibling must still be on the roll of the school at the time of admission. “Home address” is the address at which the pupil should live permanently and full time as the principal residence. It does not include short term rental or lease.
  3. Medical and/or social reasons: in exceptional cases the Governing Body may admit children because they have professionally supported educational, medical or social needs that the school is especially able to meet, even though they would not otherwise qualify for admission. Medical reasons must be supported by written medical evidence. The evidence should come from at least two registered health professionals. An application being made for social reasons must be supported by written evidence from registered professionals such as social workers or other social care professionals. Medical or social applications must set out the particular reasons why Julian’s School is the most suitable school and what difficulties would occur if the child had to go elsewhere. Application under this criteria does not guarantee a priority place and cannot be considered without the appropriate supporting evidence.
  4. Distance: proximity of the child’s home to the 2 sites, measured along the shortest walking route lit by street lighting, with those living nearest accorded the highest priority. Distance is taken as proximity from the home address to the school entrance in Leigham Court Road, Etherstone Road or Wolfington Road, as measured by the most suitable walking route.


Waiting lists are kept in order of distance from the school gates. If a place does become available during the school year, the school will notify the LA who then will offer the place to the child on top of the waiting list in the first instance and if not required, the place will be offered to the second on the waiting list and so on.


Julian’s School is particularly concerned to apply its admissions policy scrupulously fairly in the interests of all applicants and as place of residence is a very important criteria, we are obliged to do as much as possible to establish the genuineness of all applications. The child’s address is considered to be the child’s parents’/carers’ genuine principal place of residence at the time of the allocation of places i.e. where they are normally and regularly living. If a child is resident with friends or relatives for reasons other than guardianship, the friend or relatives’ address at the time of allocation will not be considered. Proof of address should include a council tax bill and a Bank Statement.


Appeals Procedure

Unsuccessful applicants who wish to appeal may do so by writing to Headteacher, c/o Julian’s Primary School, to request an appeal form and guidance.   Any decision reached by the independent appeals panel is binding.  Timescales for appeals for on-time reception applications will be:

  • For on-time applications an appeal should be lodged within 20 days of receipt of the outcome letter.  Acknowledgment of receipt will be emailed within 2 working days.  Appeals will then be heard within 40 days of being lodged.
  • For late applications an appeal should be lodged within 20 days of receipt of the outcome letter.   Appeals will then be heard within 40 days of being lodged or within 30 school days of the appeal being lodged.
  • For in-year applications an appeal should be lodged within 20 days of receipt of the outcome letter.  Appeals will then be heard within 30 days of being lodged.



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